Market Benchmarking
The benchmarking of national and international markets and the experience of the business allow us to offer:
  • Advisory in fertilizer market and trends
  • Fertilizer swaps
  • Finnancing and hedging
Port Operation & Logistics
Our port operation takes place in the areas of greatest impact of Mexico on ports under federal authorities to guarantee the best quality and service.
In the Gulf, the ports that concentrate our greatest import volume are Altamira, Veracruz & Coatzacoalcos.
In the Pacific we work in Topolobampo & Manzanillo .

We also offer the logistic from the docks to near warehouses.
Product Storage
We provide storage service in warehouses that are strategically located near the ports.
The warehouses are located in Altamira, Veracurz, Coatzacoalcos and Topolobampo.
All the warehouses have the characteristics, equipment and personnel to ensure an efficient and secure service. Always with a product quality guarantee.